05.12.2018 - 10.02.2019

Benoît Billotte et Marie Velardi

Whether it is geographical or temporal, the horizon is the intangible and shifting line to aim for by walking or by imagining the future.  Marie Velardi examines relationships between different temporalities and then transfers her insights onto different artistic media.  Words, images, maps and mental pictures of the meanders of time are interwoven and ask questions about the contemporary world and its possible futures.  Unfolding in space in a labyrinth of possibilities, The Book of Possible Futures alternates calligraphed phrases - echoes of projections into the future by Indian women - and drawings sketching the non- linear structure of time.  The theme was also developed by the artist in the Temporal Maps series.  
Benoît Billotte absorbs topography, culture, traditional skills and history as he travels the world.  He restores them in drawings, objects, videos and installations where maps, ancient nautical charts, traditional designs and imagined landscapes interact.  When his thoughts go beyond the boundaries of earth, imagination joins forces with contemporary and historical sciences, to create enigmatic moon maps and worlds to be explored virtually.
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