Récréation affiche
Current exhibition

Peer Clahsen. Mina Audemars & Louise Lafendel. Charles & Ray Eames. Jérôme Hentsch. Misha Hollenbach & Shauna Toohey (P.A.M.). Enzo Mari. Bruno Munari. László Réber. Denis Savary. Oskar Schlemmer. Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. Saul Steinberg by Nieves

Recreation here is not a time of rest before going back to work, but a time of abandonment to creativity through play.
Since the 19th century, play has been a part of artistic methods and education.  Free play is a way of apprehending the world by manipulating the environment: construction games have become the emblem of this.  From being a teaching instrument, these are now viewed as educational or simply as a pastime, opening minds to abstraction and an infinite number of possible combinations beyond the traditional bourgeois styles and conventions of toys.  Implementing ideas of free play, combination and deviation, Récréation reveals the ways in which artists, designers, musicians and teachers play.  

Curators: Zsuzsanna Szabo and Jean-Marie Bolay

Opening 16 April 6pm

The meetings around the exhibition:

Sundays, May 5, 12 and 19 at 3 p.m.
The Improv Choir
Céline Hänni - Jubilant exploratory
Musician Céline Hänni invites you to play, "holler" and experiment with the possibilities of your voice. An immersive experience in the exhibition, punctuated by moments of listening and other joys.
A proposal from the Ensemble Vide, Petra Krausz and Denis Schuler
On registration www.ensemblevide.ch
All audiences from 9 years old. Duration: about 2 hours

Wednesday, May 22nd
Più e meno: Stories to Infinity
2:30 p. m. for 5-7 year-olds. 4 p.m. for 8-12 years olds
Duration: about 45 minutes
Guided by actor Leo Mohr, the children enter into an improvised and visual narrative based on Bruno Munari's Più e meno.
As part of the Swiss Reading Aloud Day of the Swiss Institute for Youth and Media.

Sunday, May 26 from 2:30 p.m.
In the company of the Three Bears
Meeting with Odile Belkeddar, Élisabeth Lortic and Annie Mirabel, founders of the association Les Trois Ourses, who come back to the singular adventure they have led for more than thirty years with artists whose work they love, designed for children.
Duration: about 1 h 30

Sunday, June 2 at 3 p.m.
György Kurtág (*1926)
Játékok (1973-)
The Játékok ("games" in Hungarian) were conceived as a pedagogical collection for piano. The work, which has been constantly enriched since 1973, is based on a notation invented by the composer. The virtuoso pianist Pallavi Mahidhara, 2nd prize at the 2014 Geneva Competition, plays with these scores and offers a fabulous and tender reading.
A proposal from the Ensemble Vide, Petra Krausz and Denis Schuler
As part of the Spielact festival

Sunday, June 16 from 11 am to 2 pm
End of recess
Brunch and readings by actor Antoine Courvoisier of a selection of Éva's titles
Janikovszky illustrated by László Réber and published in French by La Joie de lire. Politically incorrect and slightly subversive, Éva Janikovszky's texts and László Réber's drawings hit the nail on the head and shake our adult convictions.
Incredibly modern books that are part of the world heritage of children's literature.
In collaboration with Éditions La Joie de lire.




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