ConstructLab Caillasses
Eté 2020
Caillasses - Explorations of a territory in transition
Hors les murs

ConstructLab - Licia Soldavini, Sébastien Tripod, Vincent Yersin

At the invitation of the Embassy of Foreign Artists - Maison Baron (EOFA) residency program and the Villa Bernasconi, art centre of the City of Lancy (Hors les murs project), Constructlab is taking part this summer in a three-month residency entitled Art and Territory.
At the heart of the major urban development project PAV, the Etoile neighbourhood becomes central. The sector assignments are being redesigned, creating uncertainty and sometimes the anxiety of the actors who sign up for it.

ConstructLab's intervention revolves around the exploration of the territory of the Étoile neighbourhood, searching for opportunities to experiment and make complexity sensitive to the undergoing mutations, their richness and strangeness.
Many words have already been spoken by citizens, politicians, architects and urban planners on the size, height, density, legitimacy of such an urban development project. ConstructLab have chosen to concentrate their explorations around the quietest, and nevertheless most present actor in the project: the stone.

Embassy of Foreign Artists:

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