Le Tiret, Aurélien Gamboni

Aurélien Gamboni, Le Tiret

In the cimetière des Rois  (Cemetery of Kings), amongst monuments erected in memory of distinguished Geneva personalities, is the grave of Alice Rivaz, one of the great Swiss writers of the 20th century.  The headstone is elegant but surprisingly modest, a small fragment of rock with an inscription in metal letters.  
In two of her novels written more than 40 years apart, Une Marthe (1944) and La Bonne (1986), Alice Rivaz re-uses an image, that of the small hyphen on our gravestones separating our dates of birth and death and which ostensibly contain our life.  
The relationship between the image of a hyphen in Rivaz’s writings and the small metal hyphen on her gravestone, led the artist Aurélien Gamboni to enquire further.  His research is presented in a publication entitled Le Tiret (The Hyphen), published by the Villa Bernasconi with contributions from Valérie Cossy, Erica Deuber Ziegler, Vincent Du Bois, Sylviane Dupuis, Françoise Fornerod and Lucien Pécoud.

The publication accompanies a monumental stone sculpture by Aurélien Gamboni shown at the 2020 Bex & Arts tri-annual open air sculpture exhibition.  Designed as a bench on which people can sit and talk and admire the view, it was moved to the Bernasconi park in Lancy in 2021.  There, it supports conversations around the work of Alice Rivaz and the themes important to her.

Le Tiret, 44 pages, 800 copies printed in June 2020, graphic Joanna Schaffter and Vincent Sahli, printing by Noir sur Noir.  

For more information: www.ag-archives.net/letiret