Vanessa Billy

Upcoming exhibition

For its first exhibition after being shut for two years, the Villa Bernasconi has invited Vanessa Billy for a solo presentation (1978, lives in Zurich).
Vanessa Billy uses a variety of techniques – moulding, glass blowing, photography, video and installation – while maintaining a creative process which begins with materials she manipulates to the limits of their physical properties. She sometimes adds salvaged objects to create new forms.  Through direct contact with the materials, incessantly reforming them, the artist explores three main themes: energy (in particular the dynamics of circulation and transformation), technology and the human, and the impact of human activity on the environment.  

While Vanessa Billy is exhibiting in Lancy, she will also be showing her work at the Centre Pasquart in Bienne.  The two exhibitions are complementary so visitors will have two opportunities to appreciate how the artist distributes her works in space, an essential aspect of her work.  

In cooperation with the Centre Pasquart, Bienne, 12 September to 21 November 2021.



Image: Vanessa Billy, Coquilles. Photo © Aurélien Mole.